Mary Poppins

Diesen Vintage Cacharel Rock habe ich vor einigen Monaten gefunden aber erst vor wenigen Tagen fiel mir ein, ihn über einem Petticoat und einem weißen Unterrock zu tragen – voila, je suis Mary Poppins. Ich hab den ganzen Tag beschwingt mit meinen Röcken geraschelt und muss nun nur noch den passenden Schirm finden.


I already had this Vintage Cacharel skirt for a while but it occured to me only a few days ago to wear it overneath a petticoat and a white underskirt – voila, je suis Mary Poppins. I very much enjoyed my swooshing skirts, now I just have to find an suitable umbrella to complete the look.


Rock/skirt: Vintage Cacharel, Strickjacke/cardigan: Yumi; Halstuch/neckerchief: H&M (a few years ago)



The Project Twins: Yonderley.


Katie Rodgers: Raining Ladies.


Bjorn Wiinblad– Having a chat – Spring (L) and Summer (R).


7 thoughts on “Mary Poppins

  1. Thank you for the link! I just had a look and it sounds interesting. I guess this kind of experiment would be to early for me, though: I just started this blog and I will probably need more time to make myself comfortable with taking photos and writing about stuff. I am also still struggling with my english writing skills (or rather with my writing skills in general :-) While we’re on the subject: I very much enjoy reading you blog. Greetings from Cologne!

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