Ich bin nach dem kurzem Wochenende immer noch etwas neben der Spur aber wenigstens mein Sonntag war faul und ruhig. Gerade ordne ich mein digitales Bildarchiv und verschlagworte es, eine lange verschobene Aufgabe. In den letzten Monaten ist es mir etwas über den Kopf gewachsen und ich finde Dinge inzwischen eher zufällig – manchmal gar nicht so schlecht aber bei thematischen Suchen eher mühsam… // I am still feeling a bit unwell after a very short weekend but at least my sunday was lazy and restful. I just began to sort and tag my digital image archive, a long delayed task. It has become a bit to large in the last few years and I am only able to find things by chance – this is quite nice and surprising sometimes but a bit tedious when I do thematic searches…


Rock/skirt: Vintage, Rollkragenpullover/turtleneck: Oroblue, Gürtel/belt: Kling, Strumpfhose/tights: American Apparel


Anne Harriet Fish: Dancing Couples No. 2, 1921.


Bjorn Wiinblad, 1977. Source.

IMG_9186 (1)


Cover of: Frances Trego Montgomery: On a Lark to the Planets, The Saalfield Publishing Co., 1904. Source.


Source unknown.


8 thoughts on “Archivist

  1. You look adorable! I have been searching for a navy blue circle skirt just like yours for ages but can’t seem to find one. It’s next on my sewing list!

    • Thank you! It is not a circle skirt by the way, more an A-line. It’s a bit too large also, I need to alter it but I am afraid that I will make it worse… :-) And I’d love to have a marine blue circle skirt as well, now that I think of it!

  2. Such a cute outfit. I love the flash of red in the belt and the shoes. And I am mesmerised by your wrought iron furniture and ornaments on the shelves!

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