Carnival – Finale

Heute ist Aschermittwoch und der Beginn der Fastenzeit, die Stimmung in der Stadt hat sich deutlich beruhigt. Heute früh habe ich beobachtet, wie die Tribünen entlang der Zugstrecken abgebaut wurden, darunter tauchten etwas traurige Konfetti- und Kamellereste auf. Als letzten Teil meiner kleinen Karnevalsserie hier nun noch ein paar Bilder vom Weiberfastnacht. Ich hatte eher zufällig auf meinen Rückweg in einer Gasse eine kleine Gruppe musizierender Kostümierter bemerkt und war sofort von den Verkleidungen begeistert –  unglaublich aufwendige und detailreiche Kleider und Kopfschmuck. Es kamen mehr und mehr Menschen dazu und haben mitgesungen und getrommelt, es war ein wirklich seltsames und schönes Erlebnis. Ich habe leider nicht herausfinden können welcher Karnevalsverein sich da getroffen hat, werde aber im nächsten Jahr sicher wieder nach ihnen Ausschau halten.

* * * * *

Today is ash wednesday, the end of carnival and the beginning of lent and the city was noticeably quieter. The tribunes for the parades where dismantled this morning, the heaps of confetti and sweets underneath them looked a bit dreary. My final post on carnival is about a group of music making people that I saw on Fat Thursday. I noticed them in a small street on my way home and was immediately enthralled by their elaborate costumes and headpieces. More and more people joined them while I watched them, it was a very strange and beautiful experience. I was not able to find out to which carnival group they belonged to but I will definitely look out for them next year.


IMG_0006 IMG_9953 IMG_9963 IMG_9964 IMG_9969 IMG_9975 IMG_9983 IMG_9998 IMG_0003



9 thoughts on “Carnival – Finale

  1. Salut! Yes, it’s really crazy (and in a good way, mostly). People having parties on the streets are actually new to me as well, this kind of behavior is quite unusual in the north-eastern part of Germany where I was born :-)

  2. Aah nice coincidence, my brother was there and he told me it was crazy !
    I love carnivals, and these people are very well disguised and creative. That’s something I like about Germany, festivities in streets are always so amazing and you do know how to have fun :) Beautiful pictures.



  3. Yes, agreed, what brilliant costumes and make-up the people in this group have created! I especially love the lady in the huge yellow dress, blue eye-make-up, with her beer and cigarette :) (she looks like very good fun) The man with the pig’s snout is just a little bit frightening! Did you create a fabulous costume for yourself this year? I’m sure if you did then it’s in another post, so I shall go and have a look. Thanks again for your visits to my blog, hope you are enjoying it. -A.

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