Weil die Sonne schien haben wir vorhin einen kleinen Sonntagsspaziergang gemacht und sind in den Niemandsland zwischen zwei benachbarten Stadtvierteln herumgelaufen. Ich hatte befürchtet es dort trist zu finden, die Sonne und der Vorfrühling haben das aber verhindert. Alles was ich trage ist Vintage und aus Brüsseler Boutiquen, die graue Strumpfhose aus einem Kölner Drogeriemarkt und der Kragen ein Geschenk. * * * * * * We took a stroll trough our neighborhood earlier today because the sun was shining and explored the no-man’s-land between two nearby quarters. I had feared that I would find it gloomy there but the sun and the small signs of early spring prevented that. Everything I wear is vintage and from various boutiques in Brussels except for the tights, that I found at a local drugstore a few weeks ago and the collar, that I received as a gift.




The Doobie Brothers - The Captain And Me - Front (2-2)

People rushin’ everywhere
If they’d only slow down once
They might find something there
Green trees and timber land
People workin’ with their hands
For sure a different way to live
Gonna keep my cabin at hand
Retreat and live off the land
All around Ukiah, wo
The mountain streams that rush on by
Show the fish a jumpin’
And reflect the open sky
The fresh clean smell of the pines Symbol of unchanging times
All around this sacred land
Strangely, though, I’ve found my way
Right here I’m gonna stay
In this land Ukiah, wo

The Doobie Brothers: Ukiah.








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