Zuckersüß // sugar-sweet

Ich habe mir vor ein paar Wochen Zuckerstreusel in Form von bunten Herzen gekauft und bestreue nun jede mögliche Mahlzeit damit – et voilà, gute Laune! Ganz genau den gleichen Effekt hat meine türkise Strickjacke und die gepunktete Strumpfhose von Happysocks, im Moment möchte ich kaum etwas anderes anziehen. Ich bereue fast, nur ein Paar von letzterer gekauft zu haben, dabei war ich im Laden so skeptisch ob ich sie überhaupt je tragen würde. * * * * * I bought heart shaped sugar sprinkles a few weeks ago and decorated every other meal with them since then – et voilà, instant cheerfulness! My tourquoise cardigan and the dotted tights from Happysocks have a very similiar effect, I would wear them every day if I could. I almost regret buying only one pair of the tights even though I was so doubtful if I would ever wear them when I saw them in the store.

IMG_0018 (1)

Faltenrock/pleated skirt: Vintage, Strickjacke/cardigan: Benetton, Strumpfhose/tights: Happysocks.

tumblr_mg0tj8ONDL1raym3wo1_500 Kopie

My Neighbour Totoro.


IMG_0205 (1)

My supper (-:


9 thoughts on “Zuckersüß // sugar-sweet

  1. Thank you so much! I once bought a pair of mud colored and weirdly structured tights but I think that’s the only mispurchase I have made so far. I also owned a lot of low quality tights but that’s part of the game, I guess :-)

  2. Beautiful, as always and that green eau de nil colour is lovely on you-I’m seriously loving those tights!I have done the exact same things as you…bought one pair on a whim, thinking maybe I’ll wear them ? Only to discover that they were the best quality/most fun/prettiest colour/matched everything…why can’t we know this when we buy them! On the other side of the argument I have bought several pairs of one tight, only to discover they were rubbish.

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