Today’s no friend of mine.

Warten auf den Frühling.     * * * * * *     Waiting for spring.


Eadweard Muybridge: Cat running, 1887. Source.



Source unknown.



Source unknown.


9 thoughts on “Today’s no friend of mine.

  1. One of my favorite posts ever, I love the collection of images and gifs <3 and I understand the feeling, I've had it all week… but better things/feelings are coming our way I know ;)

  2. Oh, but do I adore cats? Yes, I do! Sadly I can’t own one right now as I live in a flat….

    For some springy ideas check out this blog, madam: They often have some great things on there. Why not pester them a bit to write a piece for them about your fashion? Tell them Mr. Wapojif sent you, they know me there*.

    * No they don’t.

    • Thank you – Danke schön!

      Jamie: Me too :-)

      Mr. Wapojif: I don’t have a cat either because I live in very petite flat right now, but someday soon… :-) I like Design Sponge a lot, by the way (especially their Sneak Peak Column, it’s so much fun to look into other peoples well organized and decorated lifes)!

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