Butterick 7444

Ich habe Ende der letzten Woche endlich Zeit für mein nächstes Nähprojekt gefunden und ein Matrosenoberteil nach Butterick 7444 genäht (den Schnitt hat mir die fabelhafte Franscisca geliehen – vielen lieben Dank noch einmal!). Ich hatte lange in Secondhand-Läden nach einem solchen Top gesucht und nie das perfekte finden können. Ich wollte es erst in klassischem Blau nähen, dann gefiel mir die Idee von weniger naheliegenden Grautönen aber noch viel besser. Den hell- und dunkelgrauen Stoff habe ich bei Tissus Reine am Montmatre gekauft, die Knöpfe bei Dam Boutons ganz in der Nähe. Am Wochenende habe ich es in verschiedenen Varianten getragen und ich bin wirklich zufrieden damit wie es sitzt und sich kombinieren lässt. Abgesehen davon bin ich immer noch hin und weg vom Frühling und nicht einmal der bleierne Himmel kann etwas dagegen ausrichten ♥

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I finally found time for my next sewing project at the end of last week and made a sailor top after Butterick 7444 (a pattern that Francisca kindly lent me – many many thanks again!). I had been looking for a sailor top for quite a few years and never found the perfect one. I had originally planned to use a blue fabric but then I liked the idea of using a not so classic grey even better. I bought the dark- and light grey cottons at Tissus Reine at Montmatre and the buttons at Dam Boutons. I wore the top in two different ways this weekend and I am super happy with it’s fit and versatility. Apart from that I am still madly in love with spring, even the dark-grey sky cannot change my mind or mood  ♥

IMG_1543 Kopie


IMG_1540 Kopie


IMG_1558 Kopie

IMG_1576 Kopie

14 thoughts on “Butterick 7444

  1. here is the precise adress then: https://www.facebook.com/lucien.cravate/about It’s really a tiny shop but I left some magazines, I hope they’re still there ! In the same street is a nice tea shop were you can enjoy good teas: AM Sweet…. and a wonderful vintage shop for clothes: Gabrielle (and a good hairdresser but you won’t do that in Brussels I suppose). So enjoy your stay !

    • Ah, I know this street, I am quite frequently at Gabrieles and Isabelle Bajarts boutiques, they are both fantastic! I don’t know the other shop though and will have a look on saturday (-:

  2. Thank you so much for your comments!

    Francisca: I am really happy that you like it!

    Beate: Danke schön! Ja, der obere, hellere Kragen ist abnehmbar, darunter ist noch einer in der Grundfarbe des Oberteils, der Schnitt ist wirklich sehr süß.

    Elena: Thanks a lot (and I can only return the compliment, I like your blog a lot)

    Miss Sunalee: Oh, actually I will be in Brussels this weekend and will definitely visit this shop! Thank you for the tip, that’s great to know :-)

  3. It’s a very nice top. I like it ! And it changes from the many repro-pin-up style sailor dresses !
    By the way, I was lucky last week and found some old “Femme d’Aujourd’hui” from 1956 and 1957 in a little store called Lucien Cravate, in the Rue des Chartreux in Brussels. Go there the next time you come to Brussels !

  4. Just discovered your blog and I am in love. You have such a great eye for matching fabrics to patterns. Very inspirational. Aways great to find another person with a love of sewing!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  5. Your style is so unique and a much needed artistic inspiration in the world :) Also, your sewing skills are amazing cos’ this top looks bought from a store! Very well made.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    -thebeautybeastblog.com xx

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