Montag war mein erster runder Geburtstag seit einem Jahrzehnt und ich hätte ihn kaum schöner feiern können. Wir haben einen Ausflug zum berühmten Neanderthal gemacht, waren erst im Museum und dann im eigentlichen Tal spazieren. Sogar die Sonne hat sich kurz blicken lassen, zu meiner großen Freude! Getragen habe ich wieder meinen bewährten Spitzenrock und die tollste Jacke/Capelet der Welt – ein Geburtstagsgeschenk ♥ (bekommen kann man sie hier).

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So Monday was my 30th birthday and I had the most wonderful day. We made a tour to the famous Neanderthal, visited the museum there and made a walk through the beautiful valley where the Homo neanderthalensis was discovered 150 years ago. Even the sun came out for a moment, it was so great! I wore my beloved lace skirt and the most amazing jacket/caplet – a birthday present ♥ (it is available here).












36 thoughts on “30!

  1. Your birthday pictures were lovely! I turned 30 in October, fun to learn we are the same ago! You are one of my favorite bloggers I follow; you are sooo stylish!

  2. That bloke in the suit… did he say anything to you?

    Anyway, you do look fabulous. Happy birthday – don’t forget about Rayman (hint hint) Origins (wink wink).

    • Thank you (-: The Gentlemen with the low forehead behaved very well. I think he looks a bit like Günter Netzer! And I actually already bought Rayman but had no time yet to begin playing it – maybe this weekend…

      • Ah, good good! Well I hope you enjoy it. I tended to prefer using the Globox character (the insane looking blue dude) once he’s unlocked.

        I had to Google “Günter Netzer” but you are indeed right. An uncanny resemblance, although Günter has a more prominent forehead.

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