Geist // Ghost

Am zweiten Weihnachtsfeiertag habe ich mit meiner Familie einen Spaziergang über die sogenannten Salzwiesen gemacht die Greifswald im Norden begrenzen und auf denen vom 13. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert Salz gewonnen wurde. Die Landschaft ist zu dieser Jahreszeit sehr märchenhaft (ich hatte im letzten Jahr dort schon mal Photos gemacht) und diesmal konnte ich nicht widerstehen, kitschig-hexenhafte Doppelbelichtungen aus meinen Bildern zu basteln. Im besten Fall wäre ich, Julia Holter gleich, in einem weißen viktorianischen Spitzenkleid durch das Schilf gegeistert aber das bleibt für ein anderes Mal vorbehalten…

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On boxing day me and my family took a walk around the so called “salt meadows” that border on the northern part of my hometown Greifswald, where salt was mined from the 13th to 19th century. The landscape is very magical around this time of the year (I also took photos there last year) and I could not resist to play around with a kitschy/witchy double exposure effect with this year’s photos. Ideally I would have wandered through the reed wearing a white victorian gown, very much like Julia Holter, but this will have to happen another time…

DSC03078 Kopie

DSC03072 Kopie

DSC03062 Kopie Kopie


DSC03056 Kopie



15 thoughts on “Geist // Ghost

  1. I visited Germany back in 2012 (Heidelberg) and the landscapes were brilliant. We do countryside in England pretty well, but Germany’s a step up. Our group kept seeing plastic cows placed about the place. I tried stealing one, but it was too heavy.

  2. ich kann förmlich den kalten wind spüren………
    gerade dein dunkles, schlichtes outfit (arme gouvernante, junge witwe, entlaufene pensionsschülerin fällt mir da so ein – nicht bös gemeint!) unterstützt den verlorenen charakter der landschaft. schön eingefangen!
    und schön dass du ein wenig zeit in deiner alten, romantischen heimat verbringen konntest :-)

  3. I adore those flat landscapes. They remind me partly of the flat landscape around my own hometown in Suffolk, England. And your photos really bring out the haunted, magical feel there at this time of year – brooding, dark and sparse, with a sense of timelessness and hidden history! I love the photo with you standing.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful compliments! I also like this kind of landscape a lot even though I hardly noticed its beauty when I was a kid and grew up there in the middle of this particular piece of nowhere :-) And there is one thing that I really enjoy: every kind of mountain or hill makes me super excited because it’s such a strange and unknown scenery for me!

      • It made me laugh to hear about you being super excited to see a mountain or hill! I used to be exactly the same!!

        When I was a kid we would often go to the Basque Country / Spain in summer to visit where my mum comes from. It was always absolutely fantastic to be driving through the Pyrenees. As we’d pass each bend in the road, I’d be peering up at each mountain top and watching the valleys in amazement. Staying in my mum’s childhood flat in a small town nestled in the mountains, I have deep memories of looking out of the window at night up at the moon shining on the mountainside, and feeling how sublime and unreal it all was. I’m sure those are the childhood memories I’ll recall most strongly when I’m lying on my death bed!

        Back at home in Suffolk as a kid, I’d sometimes see clouds on the horizon and imagine that they were a mountain range way off in the distance! Did you do ever do that? You might need a special type of cloud to make it work…

        A bit more grown-up, I’m now living in Scotland with quite a few mountains around, so they’ve lost their magically quality unfortunately (still beautiful though). Now I get excited when I see a flat landscape on TV! If it’s in England, I’m on the edge of my seat trying to determine whether it is my lovely flat Suffolk or not!!

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