Zähne // Teeth

Ich bin schon etwas spät dran, trotzdem hier aber noch meine besten Wünsche zum neuen Jahr! Ich hab Weihnachten und Silvester bei meiner Familie im Norden verbracht und ausgiebig mit Katzen gekuschelt, ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Im neuen Jahr habe ich dann endlich Bilder von meiner kaputten Festplatte retten können und werde in den nächsten Wochen – etwas antiklimatisch – Bilder vom letzten Frühling und Sommer posten. Davor aber, auch aus Anlass des relativ klirrend kalten Wetters hier noch ein paar Bilder der im Moment von mir meist getragene Kleidungsstücke, aufgenommen bei meinem Besuch in Bonn vor ein paar Wochen: ein schwarzer Vintage Loden Mantel mit abnehmbarem Cape, meine liebste Mütze sowie diesem mittlerweile ausverkauften Rucksack den ich im Herbst bei H&M gekauft habe. Eigentlich kaufe ich ja nach Möglichkeit keine neuen Dinge und schon gar keine Fast Fashion, diesen entzückenden Zähnchen konnte ich aber nicht wiederstehen. Ich darf ihn eigentlich nicht so oft tragen wie ich das im Moment tue denn besonders haltbar verarbeitet ist er natürlich nicht. Ansonsten bin ich gerade, wie immer wenn es kalt ist, nicht sehr experimentierfreudig in Sachen Mode und bin froh eine Art “Uniform” zu haben die einigermaßen funktioniert. Und umso besser wenn die Uniform dann noch Öhrchen und einen Fellpuschel hat :-)

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New Year is quite some time ago already but I anyway would like to wish you a very happy and healthy 2017! I spent christmas with my parents and cuddled with their cats a lot, which I greatly enjoyed. After New Year I was finally able to save some images from my crashed harddrive and therefore I plan to post a few things from last spring and summer in the next weeks. Since it’s a pretty darn cold here right now though I wanted to show you some of the most worn garments that I currently wear first, photographed when I visited Bonn before christmas: a black vintage loden coat with a detachable cape, my favorite vintage cap as well as a backpack that I bought at H&M in autumn (it’s sold out by now). Normally I do not buy new clothes and even less so “fast fashion” but I could not resist the adorable teeth that it features. I should not wear the backpack as often as I currently do since it is not very well made of course. Because it is so cold right now I am not very eager to try out new things, clotheswise and I am super happy to have a kind of “uniform” that just works. And even better if said uniform has ears and a furry pompom :-)



10 thoughts on “Zähne // Teeth

  1. I also turn to a “uniform” when the cold weather hits! Mine is not nearly as chic as yours though! I tend to live in jeans and leggins, with lots of sweaters (but not cute ones) and scarves!
    I love the look of dresses and skirts with a nice pair of leather boots, but when the weather gets below -15°C, I want to walk home in my winter (not cute) boots, and have my legs be a little bit warm!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment and sorry for the very belated reply! I do not wear trousers at all but thankfully also do not live in a climate where it gets below -5 very often, I am not sure what I would do otherwise, probably also revert to trousers :-) I do love fleece-lined tights but they also only keep you warm to a certain degree. Hope winter is treating you ok, in any case!

  2. I love your coat it looks lovely and warm – ideal for the weather you are experiencing and the hat suits you as well.
    Have you considered wearing trousers in cold weather? I used to be a skirts only person until my friends persuaded me to buy some trousers and I found them so warm and comfortable in winter – I wear them quite often now. You should try some to see how comfortable they are.

    • Thanks, dear Rebecca! I stopped wearing trousers about 15 years ago, it’s not that I do not like them on others I just prefer to wear very feminine clothes at all times :-) Thankfully we do not get much snow or long phases of cold temperatures here and I manage to get over the few really cold weeks here with wool skirts and layers of tights.

  3. Here it will hit 39°C today so fashion largely goes out the window. Comfort of a different kind from yours on in order. I wear loose flowing cotton dresses. I just bought two that are perfect for this weather. And look pretty too.

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