DIY Ruff and Cuffs Tutorial // DIY Halskrause und Manschetten

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As promised here are the instructions for the ruff and cuffs that were part of my carnival costume. They are quite easy to made – you just need tulle, lace and satin ribbon, a needle, pins and scissors and about 2 hours of time. I only managed to get the kind of cheap, brittle tulle that is used for carnival costumes, you can probably get an even nicer result with better and softer tulle. In case you have any questions please use the comment section!




You will need:

– ca. 130 cm tulle: two ca. 130 x 20 cm long strips (ruff) and four ca. 50 x 20 cm long strips (cuffs)

– ca. 100 cm lace: two ca. 50 cm longs (ruff) and four ca. 20 cm long strips (cuffs). The wide of the lace can vary but it should not be much less wide than 3 cm.

– ca. 200 cm long and 1-2 cm wide satin ribbon: one ca. 100 cm long strip (cuff) and two ca. 40 cm long strips (ruffs)

– a sewing needle and a couple of pins

– sewing thread in the color of the tulle, lace and satin ribbon

– scissors

DSC06735 Kopie Kopie


Step 1. Cut small triangles on all long sides of the 6 tulle strips (the triangles don’t need to have to exact same size). Fold all six tulle strips over lengthwise.

Step 2. Create pleats on the edge that was turned over in step one and secure the pleats with pins. The folds don’t need to have to exact same size, it’s just important that the pleated tulle strips have a length of about 20 cm (cuffs) and about 50 cm (ruff) after you pleated them.

DSC06741 Kopie

Step 3. (no image) Pin two pleated tulle strips of the same size on top of each other and stitch them down on the upper edge with saddle stitches. After doing this three times you should have three strips of tulle instead of six – two cuffs and one ruff.

Step 4. Pin the lace on each of the three tulle strips and secure it with saddle stitches on the upper edge (you can combine step 3 and 4). In case you are using a wider piece of lace it might be a good idea to secure the lower end of the lace as well, just sew it to the tulle with a couple of invisible stitches.

DSC06744 Kopie

Step 5. Fold over the satin ribbon lengthwise and pin it on the pleated edges of the tulle strips. The satin ribbon will be used to tie the ruff/cuffs around the neck/wrist and should therefore be about 25 cm longer than the tulle on each side (ruff) respectively about 10 cm longer than the tulle on each side (cuffs). Stitch down the ribbon with small saddle stitches. It may make sense to carefully heat seal the ribbon ends with a lighter so they won’t fray.

That’s it!


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